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Looking to make your dating experience easy? Bored and frustrated with the same old rituals? Then The Dating Dance is the easy and exciting solution that you've been searching for!

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We've all seen the typical dating rituals; girls line up on one side of the room, boys on the other...who makes the first move? Girls get dressed up and boys wolf whistle, but who's man enough to take it further? Girls flutter their eyelashes and boys go wild, but will she make any more signals? This routine can be difficult and confusing, but here at The Dating Dance we abolish all traces of complication and allow you to simply have what you came for, a good time!

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Make it easy for yourself! Here at The Dating Dance we allow you not just to check out the pictures, but to find out a bit more about your potential partners through their own personal profile. Dating has never been so easy!

The Modern Way To Date.

The Dating Dance assists easy formation of relationships of any kind, be it friendship, fun, love or something more, all on your UK doorstep! The genius of the Dance is that it really is as simple as we say. When you can register for free, you'd be mad not to!

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So now you don't have any excuses - why not join up today? Enter this fabulous world of social networking to get The Dating Dance bug and before you know it, you'll be an expert.

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Strange dating rituals are all too familiar to many of us and just to prove how ridiculous they really can be, take a look at the sort of behaviour they orginated from:

18th Century 'Bundling' Ritual If a couple were interested in each other they would be ushered into a bedroom one night by their parents to participate in a courting ritual called "bundling." Both remaining mostly clothed, the couple would lay in bed next to each other all night, talking and probably petting. The only catch was that the girl's nightdress would be slip knotted at the bottom! Things are far more simple these days and if you're interested, you make the decision of what to do next. Make the very first steps and see who is online right now.

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